Rise of Restless and Ruined, SoulShifter Book 0, by Hilary Thompson

Exclusive story for Stargazer Reading Group members – not available anywhere else. Click now to read the origin story for the SoulShifter series villain!

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Rise of Restless and Ruined begins the brand-new, Amazon-bestselling SoulShifter series, which is epic fantasy. Books 1 and 2 are available now, and book 3 is coming early 2018.

Stian’s Mistake begins the Amazon-bestselling Starbright series, which is a blend of dystopian and fantasy. This series is complete, with three novels and three companion novellas. It can also be found in an omnibus set of all six titles.

Stian's Mistake, Starbright Book 0.5, by Hilary Thompson

This prequel novella is 99c on Amazon, but FREE to Stargazer Reading Group members! Click now to read about the harsh world outside the cave in the Starbright series!

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