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Mom With a Kindle
Interview: “Can you share a little about the current title you are working on?”

My Nook Books and More
5-Star Review! and Dream Cast
“Trea is a great character – she’s young so I understood her insecurities but she has really matured and is determined to help her people.”

Bethany’s Writing Journey
Special Halloween Interview!
“Who would you like to bring back as a zombie?”

Mythical Books
“What do you and your characters believe about destiny vs. free will?”

Words I Write Crazy
5-Heart Review!
“things just start steam rolling over anything they could – including but not limited to my heart, my blood pressure, and my head!”

All in One Place
5-Heart Review! and Favorite Quotes
“Hilary Thompson has taken her original story from Justice Buried and perfected it in Balance Broken, adding more romance, mythology, uncertainty and suspense.”

Deal Sharing Aunt

4-Star Review! and Dream Cast
“The world we are thrown into is beautiful and full of mystery and danger.”

Ashley’s Paranormal Book Blog
5-Star Review!
“What a great fantasy read!”

A Book Addict’s Bookshelves
Guest Post
“Making Characters Memorable”

The Book Lovers’ Lounge
4-Star Review!
“the story presented here is really unique”

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