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April 21

The YA Buzz (Review)

“It’s epic…Justice Buried is full of twists and turns, but it’s intricate. It’s well-plotted. It’s addictive.”
E.M. Havens (Review & Dream Cast)
“It’s an easy read with good characterization and great action.”
Mo_Books (Review)
“Justice Buried was an easy flowing, fast paced read with good world building and an interesting place setting.”

April 22

Mythical Books (Guest Post)
“I love the classics like my students love Snapchat.
But sometimes I’m really just in the mood for story, not study.”

Bitches n Prose (Review)
“I also really liked both of the love interests…That’s right. Both.”

April 23rd

If you could describe your book in three words or one sentence what would it be?

– mystery, mythology, romance”
Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog (Review)
“I love the brilliant imagery depicted in this story as I felt like I was inside it every minute of the story.”

My Nook, Books and More (Book Look)
“As soon as I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for Astrea! It isn’t red but it does remind me of flames, fire being the element for Aries.”

April 24th
A Book Addict’s Bookshelves (Interview)
“Who is your favorite character in Justice Buried?
– Lexan is the character I identify with most on a personal level: we’re both Libras.”

The Library of the Seen (Review & Dream Cast)
“a unique and interesting read that instantly pulled me right in”
The Procrastinator’s Corner (Spotlight & Excerpt)
“I brought you breakfast, but I can’t stay.”
“Good news and bad news,” he smiles. He stands and stretches, his shirt pulling up to expose a bit of taut stomach. I blink my eyes away.

CBY Book Club (Interview)
“What advice do you have for beginning writers?
– Read and write, then repeat. Read widely, and write in a variety of styles and genres. Otherwise you’ll stagnate.”

The Library Mistress (Guest Post)
“My Top Eleven Quotes (because eleven is my favorite number)”

April 25th
A Bibliotaph’s Reviews (Review)
“I was constantly guessing and engaged.”

April 28th
All in One Place (Review &

“a story which completely absorbs its reader”
The Story Goes.. (Review & Favorite Quotes)
“I loved Lexan. He was my favorite character.”

April 29th

My Nook, Books & More (Review & Dream Cast)
Justice Buried has something everyone will enjoy – mystery, adventure, and romance.”
Bittersweet Enchantment (Spotlight & Excerpt)
“I want to create my own destiny. But this is Asphodel, and that will never happen.”
April 30th

Random Smiles (Review)
“a unique twist on the zodiac signs”

It’s A Book Thing (Review)
Justice Buried stands out from all the dystopian books I’ve read this year”
Enthralling Reads (Review &
“the world building totally amazed me”
sample song: “Skyfall” by Adele

May 1st

Addicted Readers (Guest Post)
how does your life match the laws of Asphodel?”

iequalsAlissa (Review)
“A unique and engaging read”

Simplistic Reviews (Spotlight)
May 2nd

Tower of Babel (Interview)
“Can a woman be the ultimate hero?”
“Absolutely! Next question?Wait, did you want more than that?”

Curling Up With A Good Book (Review &

“Next big series right here!”
A Flurry of Ponderings (Review &
Favorite Quotes)

“There was mystery in the story and it was a quick, easy read.”

Thanks so much to all who participated!

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