YASH – Fall 2017 Edition!

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Welcome to the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt! Hi! I’m Hilary Thompson, your host for this leg of the hunt. About Me I love Instagram (Bookstagram!) but I suck at photography. I’m an ebook kinda girl. Pumpkin spice, shmumpkin spice. Give me a regular latte. I teach 18 year olds alllll day. (Bless my heart.) All my favorite foods start with … Read More

Love Triangles: Love, Hate, or Tolerate?

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Lots of YA books throw the female protagonist in the path of two boys, and then indulge in a bit of romantic confusion as either a main plot or a sub-plot. The Starbright series uses a love triangle, with Trea confused as to whether she should be with Lexan (the boy her society’s rules place her with) or Stian (the … Read More