Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover…

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They (or they used to) say not to judge a book by its cover. And I mostly agree with this sentiment.

Unless the cover is a fiercely beautiful and magical rendition of the essence of the book. Like mine happens to be.

Not to brag or anything, but just LOOK AT IT!

My cover designer is Najla Qamber, of Najla Qamber Designs and she is talented, professional, and apparently psychic. She used a combo of live model/photographer/stock photos/mad skillz to create this bite of perfection.

For those interested, I’ve read up a bit on cover design, and a cover should hopefully evoke genre (young adult fantasy in my case) and should be symbolic and beautiful, rather than a plot summary.

My main character does indeed have fiery orange-red hair, and that lovely constellation in the sky is her astrological sign of Aries – as well as a bit of a problem for her throughout the book.

So, what do you think? *preening* *waiting expectantly*

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4 Comments on “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover…”

    1. When we have the kidlets we tend to play toursit more mostly because they haven’t seen all the stuff we have! It’s a lot of fun. Knight and I are trying to find new/fun/free things to do as well (ah, budgets. Such a special thing) and it’s been working well for us. I don’t think we take advantage of all that we can; something I/we should probably work on. Glad you had an awesome weekend!

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