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Here’s your one-stop place to find information about this amazing multi-author box set!

Marked by Fate is created by a team of twenty-five authors, all of whom are bestsellers – some on Amazon, some international, some USA Today, and some NYT!

Each author contributed one novel to the set, so when you purchase, you get 25 full-length novels and one bonus novella. The best part? All that for just 99c!

That’s a lot of reading material! But we have goals. BIG goals. We want everyone on our team to earn our USA Today or NYT besteller status, and so we’re adding more incentive to buy than any other set has offered so far.

Our secret weapon? The Reader Portal.

On release day, the file people receive will have a special link inside. The link goes to the Portal where readers can find bonus material such as story quizzes and movie cast wish-lists, but there will also be fifty more books to download!

Fifty more!

I bought my own copy of Marked by Fate, just to get my fingers on all that bonus material. 🙂

If this sounds good, I’ll just leave those buy links right here. Marked by Fate is available on all major ebook retailers.

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