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Through the help of YA Bound, I’ve been reaching out to more bloggers, trying to spread the word about the Starbright series!

Check out these awesome reviews! (I’ll be adding more as they come in!)

“I’ll mark Starbright as one of my favorite dystopian series, and I really request all the YA lovers to give this book a chance, because you won’t be disappointed, where there is appropriate action, reasoning, world-building and not to mention, an extremely irresistible love triangle.” – Aditi Saha

 “The chemistry, as usual, is portrayed with lots of passion and depth. There are lots of adrenaline-rushing moments and might give a Hunger Games as well as Divergent kind of feel, which keep the readers on their edges all throughout the book. The ploy unrolls like a movie with action, drama, romance, betrayal, power, fear, death and friendship, in a world that is breath-taking and enigmatic and that definitely made me looking forward towards the third book in this series.” – Book Stop Corner

If you’ve been a Stargazer for a few months, you might remember me featuring a book purse from NovelCreations on Etsy…my absolute favorite clutch purse! Every time I use it, I get so many compliments and inquiries. Check out her shop here!

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Stay tuned for the review results – and if you aren’t a Stargazer yet, head right here to remedy that!

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