Libras Do It With Balance


Funny Workplace Ecard: Men, if you ever wanna know what a woman's mind is like, imagine a browser with 3,241 tabs open. All.The.Time.
Source: Cheri3380346 (among others)

This ecard pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

But I still wanna write about it. So here goes.

Sometimes I wish I were back in the 50s. No, not really, but I would be a lot less busy. Women today juggle full-time jobs outside or inside of the home, plus we tend to take on a majority share of children and household responsibilities, even when we have a full-time partner. 

(If this doesn’t sound like your life, don’t tell me. Please.)

I wouldn’t give any of it up, either. In fact, I usually just add more: write a book? Sure! I can fit that in my schedule.

But all of this leads to a big time-crunch and a lot of stress. Sometimes I look around and wonder just how or why I opened all of those tabs. But they’re all important to me – I’ve already cut out the stuff that isn’t.

My husband is fond of telling me that I can do anything I want, but I can’t do everything.

I prefer the more optimistic yet manic version: I can do everything I want, just not on the same day.

In real life, this means that I don’t talk to friends or to my mom some days. I don’t spend every Saturday and Sunday doing creative and educational activities with the kids. I don’t always grade my students’ papers in a timely manner. And I sure as heck don’t always fold the laundry before it gets worn.

But when I do these things, I do each of them with heart and care and gusto. This is what it means to me, to be a woman today. (Men can hop on this too; I don’t mind.) 

Do what you want, in as many variations and categories as you can handle. Know when to say no, but give yourself room to say yes.

And how about you? How do you handle your tabs?

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