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Happy New Year to everyone out there! What new things are you trying this year?

I’m  re-opening my Read-for-Review program, and I’m hoping to find some amazing authors who are also doing this, and share them with you.

One such author is Megan Linski, who writes this fantastic saga – it reminds me of Aladdin!


Gryfyn Publishing is seeking reviewers for its highly popular KINGDOM SAGA – a retelling of the 1001 Arabian Nights! Kingdom From Ashes, Fallen From Ashes and Redemption From Ashes all follow the tale of a brave and confident princess, who has been kidnapped by a dark, handsome prince of thieves.

Readers who sign up to review will receive Book 1 of the Kingdom Saga FREE. If a review is posted on Goodreads and Amazon, readers will also receive books 2 and 3 in the saga FREE to review. Reviewers will also be the FIRST to read Prince of Fire, #4 in the saga before it releases in March!

There are limited spots on the list, so please sign-up quickly by emailing gryfynpublishing@gmail.com with the subject line Kingdom Saga Reviewer.

From your perspective, Read-for-Review programs are a great way to get free books AND help an author whose work you enjoy. The process is simple: I send you a free ebook, then you review it honestly. You send me a link to the review, and I’ll send you the next in the series. As long as you’re reviewing, I’ll send you books.

Of course, authors don’t get any money from this – not directly. So why do it? Lots of reasons. First, I love my readers and fans – and this helps some of you enjoy my work. Single books aren’t that expensive, but when you read as much as I do, it adds up, doesn’t it?

But the other reason is that reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other retailers help me find new readers – even if all the reviews aren’t five stars. More reviews equals more visibility, and that leads to more people seeing my books, and hopefully trying them.

So, if you leave reviews for authors, thank you very much – your reviews mean so much to all of us coffee-fueled wordsmiths.

If you’d like to start my Read for Review, contact me at hilarylthompson @ gmail . com with the subject line Read for Review.

Where should I send them?

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